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Write an application that displays the numbers 1 to 4 on the same line

Design a graphical user interface or GUI that fits to the given problem C program to insert an element in 1-D array This code will insert an element into an array, For example consider an array a[20] having three elements in it initially and a[0] = 6, a[1] = 7 and a[2] = 9 and you want to insert a number 10 at location 1 i Menu driven program in the creation,display,search, insertion and.

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. If a PO Line is split among multiple batches, create multiple records with the same PO Line number and unique Batch numbers with the appropriate Quantity. 02. Save the template file in CSV format only. 03. On ASN Header Level, click Choose File and select the file. 04. Scroll to the bottom of the ASN Page and click Submit.

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The code works like this: prints the odd number and notifies any waiting thread that it is going to release the lock, then goes into a wait state. At this point is invoked, it prints the next even number, notifies other threads that it is about to release the lock it holds and then goes into wait state.

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Get number 2 3. Calculate the sum 4 . Displays the quarter of the year as a number (1-4) y: Displays the day of the year as a number (1-366) yy: Displays the year as a two-digit number : yyyy: Displays the year as four-digit number : h: Displays the hour as a number without leading zero: hh: Displays the hour as a number with leading zero: n.

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2.14 /* * 2.14 Write an application that displays the numbers 1 to 4 on the same line,with each pair of adjacent numbers separated by one space. Use the following techniques: * a) Use one System.out.println statement.* b) Use four System.out.print statements.*.

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