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Wireguard client not receiving

2020. 1. 29. · Unfortunately, WireGuard only looks up the IP once in the beginning, so it will break whenever your DDNS IP rotates. It sounds like your problem is something else though, do you have KeepAlive set on the client side, the server side, or both? and is the client behind a NAT?. I think you can automate a reconnect after 12hr using PostUP = bash -c 'sleep 43200; wg-quick.

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2015 mercedes s550 upgrades. Mar 25, 2021 · Doing a wg show doesn’t show that the client is connected. It’s weird! I was using this script from angristan and I thought maybe I botched the setup during my first try. So I re-install again with the script. Still no luck. Then through chance, I realized that if I disable ufw with ufw disable, my Wireguard client would start working fine!. After so many try and fail and brainstorming with wireguard IRC chanel guys, apparently I forgot to add a static route for for each server behind wireguard. Ping goes to the server, but does not return as server does not know where to send that echo-reply: ip route add via dev eth0 (main device for communication).

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WireGuard.Address = Sep 06, 2021 · To clarify, the main client is my Android phone. I can connect and it works flawlessly on the mobile data network, as well as my home wifi. If I connect through an external hotspot, the data Tx on my client app on my phone increases. But I am not able to receive any packets.

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Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken. my conf file looks like this: Host = myname.dyndns.org. Domain kodi4.tv. WireGuard.Address =

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Re: Wireguard client not receiving. I was just thinking about that uPnP stuff you were telling. As uPnP relies on multicast broadcasts which are usually not traversing subnet borders (with multicast proxies it could be possible), you'll need to bridge everything from the client to the WAN port.

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