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List of banned words for discord

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ban - Bans the offender ; ... !invitespam bl discord.gg/wow: Adds the server the invite goes to to the blacklist. invitespam wl <invites...>!invitespam wl discord.gg/xd: ... Adds one or more words to the list of blacklisted words: censor add <words...>!censor add dick: Same as above:. Dec 28, 2020 · Note that the number of characters separating each letters is independent of the others, so '[email protected]#r$%^d' would return a match if 'word' is a banned word. regex_false returns a match object when the banned word itself is detected with one of the characters in excluded either precedes or trails the word. This implies that the word is actually ....

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A slur is a word that is used to degrade what it describes. Beginning in June 2020, NASPA had a discussion about why and whether slurs should be part of the official lexicon, the NASPA Word List (2018) Edition. To avoid repeating contextually offensive language, the public communications did not list the words in question, identifying one of.

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To connect Anti-Swear Bot to your Discord list, go to discordbots.org and download it, then follow these steps: At first, you have to click the Invite button located in the bot description of the website. You'll be redirected to a new tab where you'll be prompted to log into Discord. Sign in to Discord if you haven't already.

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This page is intended for the use of R2D:A Discord Moderators+, or users who are wanting to read the rules. This page will be used as a guide when a user on the Discord has appeared to have broken the rules. Note, however, some rules may not be included within this list. Chat Moderators+ will, based upon the incident, decide on the block time. The amount of time one is blocked depend on how ....

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