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2019. 10. 18. · Hi I have a Latitude E6410 and I tried to install the XTU. Begin to resent that: you are trying to install on an unsupported platform. Can you advise me how to install the program. More information in the pictures. Os is win 10.

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bodacious corn seed near me The personal site of Kalle Lilja. 18 / 12 / 08 Workaround: XTU - attempted to install on an unsupported platform. The installer.exe is not the actual installer, more like it is an executable which stores the installer called XTUInstaller.msi which it then extracts and places into your windows temp folder. It will only run the.

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Solved Jump to solution. So, I just upgraded to Windows 11, but started getting this error: Unable to start Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. If there is another performance tuning application running, you must close it before trying to start this application. I am using XTU, which supposedly supports Windows 11, according to XTU Download.

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